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Why computer literacy is important in this day and age

So, what is computer literacy? Well, simply put, it’s the ability to know how to use a computer. Computer literacy can be easily determined by the level of familiarity and knowledge that you have with computers. This also includes knowing how to use certain programs for specific activities.

It’s important to understand the absolute basics of computers before moving onto the more complex stuff. A basic such as knowing how to switch a computer on and off is valuable. Other basics may include typing, knowing the physical components and learning keyboard commands or shortcuts.

Why is computer literacy important?

  • Time is of the essence

A major benefit of being computer literate is that you become more efficient and productive at a quicker rate. You are able to produce more work in a shorter period of time. For example, as a student, typing your assignments instead of writing saves you a lot of time!

  • You have a shot in the digital world

Many study areas will require the use of computers for tests and assignments. This is the same for a large portion of careers. It’s extremely important to know how to operate a computer. As we are moving into a noticeable digital world, knowing how to use a computer allows you to have a chance at employment opportunities where employers are looking for tech-savvy and computer literate individuals. Additionally, having a basic understanding of computers makes it easier to learn complex programs that are used in the course you study or the business that you work for.

  • Improved communication

Another benefit of computer literacy is the ability to improve communications, especially if you are familiar with emails. Working or studying from home has made us rely on emails a lot more than usual. This allows you to have more streamlined communication without beating around the bush.

How to improve your computer literacy?

  • Practice makes perfect

The best advice we can give you regarding improving your computer literacy is to just keep practicing and to keep learning as you go.

  • Take a short course

There are plenty of computer courses that you can take online. These courses could help you with Excel or Powerpoint, or a graphics program to help with your digital marketing career. If registering for a course seems costly, there are plenty of YouTube videos that you can learn from – for free!

  • Ask for help

If you know of any computer whiz-kids, ask them if they’re willing to take some time out of their busy day to teach you the basics. Since you know them, you will feel more comfortable asking questions and the bonus – you save money!

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