Voices Unite Partnership Network

Voices Unite is unifying not only the voices of young people in South Africa, but also bringing together a wide range of stakeholders working to improve the lives of the youth. These include like-minded organisations, companies, institutions and government who all believe in the mission of Voices Unite.

Implementing Partners

Lead partner

Research partner

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Partnership Network

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Become a Voices Unite Partner

Why partner with Voices Unite?

  • Have a hand in advancing the development and empowerment of young people in South Africa through a movement aimed at unifying their voices and engaging with them on a wide range of key, topical issues
  • Access various in-depth research reports with data and insights from Voices Unite surveys on topics ranging from education, employment and entrepreneurship through to healthcare, technology and finances
  • Receive customised deep-dive insights from youth across the country, on topics directly related to your focus, industry and interests
  • Secure prominent brand positioning and directly engage with youth aged 18-34  
  • Collaborate with other like-minded organisations forming part of the Voices Unite partnership network

Voices Unite Incentives

We have, thus far, given away a myriad of prizes  to Voices Unite members, which have amounted to more than R300,000 ,including bursaries, tech gadgets, laptops, tablets, workshops, masterclasses, online courses, vouchers and cash.

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