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Tips on improving your mental focus

Remaining focussed on a task for a long period of time can be difficult, but it can be very challenging when you are surrounded by distractions. We currently live in a world that’s ruled by technology and disturbances are just a click away. Furthermore, during the quietest of moments, our minds are constantly thinking about the next thing on our list or our fingertips are itching to check our social media notifications, right?

Improving your mental focus can be done but it’s not a quick and easy journey. It will require immense effort and you will have to make a few changes to your daily habits. We have provided some tips and tricks that are worth trying out with the aim of achieving improved mental focus.

  1. Assess yourself

Before working towards improving your focus, you should identify where you fit on the spectrum. If you find it easy to stay alert, you can set goals and break tasks into smaller portions, and you are able to get back to work once you have had a break – your focus is good. If you constantly daydream, unable to eliminate distractions and lose track of progress or can’t keep up with daily tasks – your focus needs a bit of help.

  1. Reduce multitasking

Some people have a gift at multitasking and some, not so much. But that’s okay because everyone is different. There is no need to take on so much if you know you’re unable to do it. Accept that you’re not a superhuman and complete tasks that you are able to and at the pace that you can.

  1. Eliminate distractions

This is a big one! Distractions disrupt your concentration and productivity. It’s important to reduce background noise as much as possible. If you believe music helps you focus, keep at it! But if you start singing along and forgetting about the task at hand, you may want to stop. Whenever you’re sitting at your desk, you should get into the habit of switching your mobile device to silent to ignore all social media notifications.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is a hot topic as of recent, despite this form of ‘exercise’ being around for years. Meditation has many health benefits and these benefits have only started being understood recently. Meditation allows you to reduce anxiety, focus on tasks and improve your concentration.

  1. Limit yourself

Many of us have a bad habit of wanting to complete a task when given. The task may need 8 hours of our time and sometimes we feel guilty for taking a break. However, taking a break is something that you need to do in order to clear your mind and increase your productivity. You need to get into the habit of awarding yourself a break every now and then. You’re not a robot!

  1. Practice, practice, practice!

It may sound strange that you need to practice the above in order to improve your concentration skills but once you start forming a habit, it will become easier. By improving your mental focus, you will notice that you are able to accomplish more, concentrate on things in life that bring you success, joy and, satisfaction.

We hope these few tips help you and your mental focus improves.

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