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Reflecting on the year that was anything but ordinary

Happy new year, Voices! We’re already a week into the new year and we’re still overwhelmed with what transpired in 2020. As we entered 2020, we had our new year’s resolutions ready and lined up, and rightly so, since it was a new decade for a fresh start to make new memories and go on more adventures.

However, there is a lot 2020 has taught us about ourselves, our relationships, our passions and our values. As we all thought 2020 will be ‘twenty plenty’, it sure was! Plenty of challenges, struggles and obstacles! But, from tough times come tough lessons, personal growth and learning opportunities.

We want to reflect on a few things 2020 has taught us…

  1. Leap!

The year taught us that life was short and extremely fragile. If you wish to do something, do it, and don’t hesitate. Live life to the fullest with no regrets. Take the leap and do whatever you need to without waiting for life to pass you by.

  1. Simplicity is everything

As the darkness of the year crept in, and having everything cancelled and taken away from us, this somehow illuminated the joy of small, happy moments in our life. A message from friends or family, a good book, or just cooking something delicious became our moments of true happiness in 2020.

  1. Difficult times reveal real friends

It’s strange how difficult times reveal real friends because you would never expect a friend to let you down in a moment of need. Did any of our friendships turn sour during 2020 or did you become virtually closer to your friends? Those Zoom and WhatsApp calls made a difference in the year and made us feel a bit better knowing there are people in our corner.

  1. Follow your passions!

Last year taught us that life doesn’t wait for anyone, so why should you waste your time doing something you don’t feel passionate about? I guess money plays an important part but if you are unable to quit your job or change educational paths, then find the joy in something that makes you happy.

  1. Slow down, everything else can wait

The Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of pressure and stress on us, mentally and physically. We were worried about not achieving enough or not reaching our true potential. The thing is, productivity looked a lot different last year. If your body is tired, rest. Don’t push yourself to the point of breaking.

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining

It may not look like it when you’re flustered with emotions but there is almost always a silver lining of opportunity. For example, the redundancy became an opportunity to turn a side project or hobby into a full-time side hustle. Another example, since the offices and schooling institutions were closed, this allowed you to spend more time with your loved ones.

  1. Be unapologetically you

It was definitely the year to speak your mind. Loud and proud! The only limit and only competition is you. Age is just a number and you can be anything you want.

  1. Self-care is important

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, your mental health becomes a major priority. Supporting friends and family can be tiring and it’s time to put yourself as number one in your life. Protect you space, protect you energy and say ‘no’ more often.

  1. Never stop learning

Learning never stops despite how old you may be or feel. One of the greatest joys of life is to learn new skills, languages, recipes and crafts. It was a great time to learn not only about other things in life but yourself, as well.

  1. Make your health a priority

Your health is important. There is no simpler way to put it. After hearing about the Covid-19 statistics day in and day out, it should have made you want to take care of the body that carries you. Once again, everything else can wait. Your health needs to be a priority!

We hope you also felt this way as you entered into the new year. We wish you well this year with your studies, internships and job opportunities that will come your way!

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