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Is it hard to cope?

By Bongiwe Ngcobo, 30, KwaZulu-Natal

Looking at everything happening in South Africa due to COVID-19, one can begin to wonder as to how those suffering with depression and anxiety are coping with everything. There are a lot of uncertainties around us. As a student, you get depressed due to stress caused by online submissions and learning. Screen time is too much for the eyes and the mind. You get tired of the constant updates of the rate of infections and deaths that are increasing daily. At the end of it all, life must go on post-COVID-19.

People are losing their jobs in almost all sectors. The schooling system of South Africa is under attack because it is reactive, not proactive. The whole governance of the country is facing a hard time as something that was not the norm is currently being experienced. This affects every individual in the country, despite age, race or economic class.

People who suffer with depression and anxiety are affected the most. They need to adjust and find new coping mechanisms to survive, which makes them ask whether it is worthy to be alive? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? 

I am writing to say to you, my friend, you are not alone.

You can make it and live life to the fullest even amidst the pandemic. You are worthy of the great things that life has to offer. There are new possibilities to venture into. I’m speaking hope into your life as I also affirm myself with hope as well. We are in this life to win and achieve greatness. It all starts with waking up in the morning with hope and making the bed, taking a bath, dressing up and working by doing your assignments, reading academic literature and attending online classes.

Take it one day at a time. Let’s leave aside what we cannot control in our lives. We only have today to be productive and fruitful. The future lies in the hands of the Creator of the Universe. Get active by jogging in the morning to get a breath of fresh air. Read books of hope and healing. Have positive thoughts and discard the negative thoughts from your mind. Do not die in silence but seek help, it is okay to get professional help. We are in this together! There are many challenges that people are facing ranging from financial, depression, suicide, substance abuse to poor family relations. They also offer online counselling. Get someone to talk to, do not suffer in silence.

You can also take a social media break. Deal with your emotions by listening to them and check where they are coming from. Make use of the NEWSTART acronym;

N – Nutrition

E – Exercise

W – Water

S – Sunlight

T – Temperature

A – Air

R – Rest

T – Trust

I recommend NEWSTART because I am using it for my own sanity in stressful moments. The answer to our opening question: to cope in this trying time will depend on each individual’s needs. To be hopeful amidst depression is truly not a one size fits all. When you understand your purpose in life, you will be able to fight every obstacle in your life. When you have the ability to face your demons in life, you will be able to live a fruitful life.

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