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How to cope with end of year burnout

December is just around the corner and end of year burnout feels like a limp to the finish line. Not to mention, the burnout felt this year is more prominent than ever considering this is the second year we have survived a pandemic. The pain of the pandemic has caused a severe mental illness spike in many South Africans this year – the toll on our mental health has never been greater.

In order to cope with end of year burnout, we have put together a list that can help you survive the last few days of this year.

  1. Exercise

We know this may seem a bit difficult considering your mind and body is already tired but the only way to get your blood pumping and endorphins rushing is to exercise. This can be a simple walk around the neighbourhood, some easy cardio in your bedroom or an on-the-spot jog.

  1. Healthy Eating

Another tough one is eating healthy. By eating healthy this will allow you to keep your energy levels up and your mind focussed.

  1. Hydrate!

Drink plenty of water! There are many benefits when it comes to drinking water such as preventing headaches and fatigue, flushing out toxins and maintaining blood pressure – to name a few.

  1. Get enough sleep

A full night’s rest not only boosts your immune system, it also acts a reset for the next day. Furthermore, skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood. Studies show getting quality sleep on a regular basis can help improve all sorts of issues, from your blood sugar to your memory.

  1. Take a break

When your mind and body starts to feel tired, take a break. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to gather yourself and if you are unable to get back on track, then that’s when you should stop and try again the next day.

  1. Prioritise yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup, therefore, it’s important to make yourself a priority before you give time and space to anyone else. You are just as important and you need to acknowledge that!

We hope the last few weeks of 2021 will be good to you!

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