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Have you used a career service centre before?

Most universities in South Africa have career centres with a team of dedicated professionals whose duty it is to discuss your future with you. However, many tertiary students are unaware about this great resource that’s available to them throughout their studies. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to utilising your campus career centre, the main one being helping you find the direction you wish to head in with regards to your future.

We decided to share reasons on why career centres are so important when it comes to preparing for your future.

  1. Find a direction

If you are currently studying a specific degree or qualification, thinking about the future can be extremely overwhelming – especially when you consider the youth unemployment rate in the country. How do you overcome the worry and stress of not becoming employable? Set up an appointment with your career centre and chat to a professional regarding your thoughts, worries and options.

  1. Explore career options and requirements

When setting up an appointment with a career adviser, they can provide the best way for you to approach a number of careers you have in mind. They will be able to advise you on the qualifications you may need or any additional skills you should adopt to make it easier to find employment once you graduate.

  1. Find employment

The career centre at your institution is probably the best place to enquire about internships or graduate opportunities. A little tip: Some companies actually look for student interns that contacted their career centres for assistance – who would have thought?! Career centres can also put you in contact with possible employers and also help you prepare your CV or cover letter.

  1. CV and interview prep

If you are worried that your CV is not up to scratch or if you feel like you don’t stand a chance for a job opportunity, another benefit of using a career centre at your university is that they can help you prepare well in advance when it comes to creating your CV or conducting mock interviews.

  1. Starting your own business?

Maybe working for an employer is not your vibe and maybe your qualification is to help you start your own business venture. Well, career centres can assist you! The great thing about career centres is that there is an abundance of information and knowledge that career advisers can share with you. From drawing up a business plan to registering your business, career centres will be able to help you.

For more information on career centres in South Africa, have a look at this website:

All the best!

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