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Connecting Africa's potential

By In On Africa

In On Africa (IOA) was formed in 2007 with the goal of becoming the global authority on African affairs. It is one of the top research and intelligence firms in and focused on Africa, with headquarters in Johannesburg and presence in over 30 African countries. IOA prides itself on its reporting, always prioritising clear, insight-driven and reader-friendly deliverables for our clients. With more than 13 years of experience in report development and design, IOA has built up its own in-house report and publication design capacity.

Reporting for clients is an ongoing process, with weekly, monthly and/or quarterly deliverables, as may be required. IOA ensures clear, concise and visually driven reporting through:

  • Our experience in developing infographic-based reports and publications, ranging from our comprehensive Africa Country Benchmark Report (ACBR) to client publications that are largely infographic-oriented.
  • Our well-established relationship with SovTech – one of Johannesburg’s leading platform and web development companies – who headed up the development of IOA’s Voices Unite online research platform, which will incorporate advanced online dashboards and real-time reporting.
  • Our recent work in geospatial mapping and current development of three geospatial mapping platforms focused on African datasets.

Using data-driven decision-making, paired with world-class #research and #data analytics, we aim to accelerate #innovation in Africa’s various economic sectors. Our core industry competencies developed over years of experience are key to help clients become part of Africa’s accelerated development.

“Our mission at IOA is to guide and inform data-driven decision-making with world-class research and data analytics, in order to accelerate development in Africa. The relationship between quality research, good decision-making and development are what ‘Connecting Africa’s Potential’ is all about!”

Jonathan Mundell

CEO, In On Africa (IOA)

IOA conceptualised Voices Unite in an effort to empower young people in South Africa, and ultimately across the African continent. Research that IOA has been doing for more than a decade has led us our belief that bringing youth and key stakeholders together – on a massive scale – to voice their ideas, perspectives and concerns, is essential to ensure effective decision-making.

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  1. Lusanda Molefe November 17, 2020 8:54 am

    And I am grateful to be part of such an establishment 🙂


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